On-site assessment of Explosion Proof Equipment

(Explosion proof lighting, Explosion proof junction boxes, Explosion proof control stations, Explosion proof cable glands, Explosion proof plug, Explosion proof switches,  Explosion proof joints, Explosion proof signal and alarm, and the Explosion proof lamp hanger) underright the explosion proof equipment products of the ALLOY Brand, Alloy Industry Co., Ltd.

Alloy's team surveyed and assessed the need for explosion proof equipment and industrial electrical products. Along with providing advice for professional equipment selection decisions of customers for safety according to the ATEX and IECEx  standard, economically and cost-effective. Also allowing customers to use the workforce area that is illuminated according to the standard and safety.


Illumination calculation service with DIALux program

ALLOY's Lighting Design Team will make the customer's choice of luminaire cost-effective.

While the workforce area still has the brightness that meets the required standards. By simulating the installation of ALLOY lamps in your workforce area with the DIALux program, which is a calculation program. That shall show light pictures to understand easily and quickly with reference documents for the project. The calculation is based on the standard.

EN-12464-1:2011 & EN-12464-1:2011 or Notification the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare on the Standard of Light Intensit


Lighting Illuminance Measurement Service & After Sales Services 
ALLOY's Lighting Measurement Team will assist customers in going to the area to measure the light before and after the installation of our explosion proof lighgting, LED lighting and industrial lighting. In order to know the customer's luminaire replacement efficiency, the lighting measurements are performed by an experienced team and knowledge of light along with standard measuring tools calibration is submitted every year from an ISO / IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories).

Delivery Services

Delivery services are extremely important for the demand for explosion proof equipments. The customers will receive the product as fast as possible within the timeframe. With ALLOY's delivery services, products will be delivered to customers quickly and completely.

Also Convenient to pick up at our Headquater. 

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