Obstacle Light, EOB Series


Obstacle Light, EOB Series

The EOB obstacle lights are designed for aviation warning purpose. They are suitable for installation on towers or tall buildings in zone 1, 2 and zone 21, 22 hazardous areas.

Explosion proof signal lamp type / model EOB.

  •  Hazardous Area: Zone 1, 2 and Zone 21, 22
  • Symbol of Protection: Ex d IIB T6/T5 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T80oC/ T100oC Db IP66
  •  Index of Protection: (IP66)
  •  Incandescentbulb, Compact fluorescentorLED bulb
  • Rated Voltage220, 110-240 V.ac and/or 12, 24V.dc
  • Explosion Proof


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