Accessories for Cable Glands


Accessories for Cable Glands  (B9/ 21)

          Lock Nut  LNB Series    

          Lock Nut, LNB series

Lock nuts are used to secure the cable gland body to the gland plate or the enclosure

which are less thick.

          Earth Tag      DET Series    

          Earth Tag, DET series

Earth tags are installed between the cable gland and equipment to provide an earth/ bond connection.

Shroud         SPV Series    

          Shroud, SPV series

The shrouds are used to minimise the risk of dirt or foreign substances gathering on the cable gland body.     

Gasket Ring   GK Series     

Entries Thread Seal, GK series

Entries thread seal are used between the cable gland and enclosure interface to maintain the ingress protection rating of equipment.

Explosion Proof


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