ANTE Series


Antenna Barrier (SMA Connector)


Wireless intelligent lighting control system of Alloy Industry Co., Ltd.

        It is an innovation that effectively reduces the energy consumption. Covering a wide range if applications, wireless intelligent lighting control system allow efficient lighting management. Designed to support 80 - 350 watts of LED lamps, and can create conditions to control each lamp independently. The system also works with wide variety of lighting control devices to suit the actual application.

This makes it possible to reduce electricity consumption by up to 80% compared to normal lighting control systems. This system is proven to help customers save on electricity bills, and also has a low break-even point. Currently, this system is used in many leading companies in various industries both domestic and international.

Control lighting as needed.

        Level of brightness can be selected as needed, such as providing high illumination in working areas or even dimming in low traffic areas. The lighting control can be applied without having the luminaires switching on/off manually.

Connect a wide variety of control devices.

        Wireless control via smart keypad (Wireless key touch) or computer. Also support other functions such as motion sensor or wireless timer as per customer requirements.

Group the lamps according to their actual use.

        Luminaire grouping made possible even if the lamps are installed in different areas and/or different power supply without rewiring the switch which can be immediately combined with the original wiring system.

Low break-even point

        LED lighting technology + Wireless control system guarantee to save cost from day one. Break-even point is also proved to be very low comparing to the traditional energy saving techniques.

Remote wireless control.

        Lighting system can be easily managed by a reliable long range wireless transmission system, with a maximum transmission distance of 200 meters. The system is immune to error as the instruction being sent to luminaires is always secured and encrypted.





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